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Animal Healing on the Mendips


Janet North from Chewton Mendip in Somerset has been working with animals large and small since 1998 and worked regularly at Happy Landings Animal Sanctuary, volunteering her healing skills to help those in need.

The stories that follow show how healing has made a difference to many animals lives, whilst also ensuring they receive the veterinary treatment they need.


Andy Standivan tells of her healing experience....

"Shaman is a beautiful 16 year old Lurcher.  He became poorly this year with Canine Vestibular Syndrome and we really thought that we were going to have to say goodbye.  Happily, however, the vets were able to help him get back on his feet again, though very wobbly.  He is now on long term medication to ease his condition.  His rehabilitation was a slow process.  He had lost a lot of muscle tone, became very weak, had to be encouraged to feed and was panting through anxiety most of the time.  However, he was back on his feet and there was hope.

It was at this time that we decided to bring Shaman to see Janet for some extra help by means of her nurturing and loving healing abilities which complement his veterinary care.

Janet provides a peaceful, safe and beautiful environment for administering the healing.  Shaman and I enjoy coming to these sessions and I believe he benefits greatly from them.  He is relaxed and peaceful throughout the healing, to the extent that we often don't want to disturb him at the end.  Through Shaman's healing, I as his companion, feel more at peace and accepting of where we are now in the process of his life.  Through providing him with nurturing, loving, healing care, I feel like we are giving him the best care and support possible.

He has regained his vigour, his interest in life, his shiny coat and bright eyes and enjoys his days to the full with the company of many other of his doggy friends.  He potters about happily and even occasionally chases the odd unsuspecting squirrel!

We feel like we have been given some bonus time, a second chance to really, truly appreciate his beautiful soul that we have had the pleasure of sharing many years with.  Through Janet's healing care, we feel that we are doing everything we can for him and giving him the best chance possible to live the rest of his days in peace and relative good health."


Sian Perry writes:

"I took my springer, Bracken, to see Janet as he had a leg injury and kept getting quite lame.  He seemed relaxed and let her help after only a few minutes of being there.

After only a couple of sessions of healing Bracken started showing obvious signs of improvement and I continued to go every month and this helped him to keep from getting lame.

I also took my oldie Guiver, a labrador cross, to see her as she had been in a couple of foster homes before coming to me so she was a bit unsettled.  Again after only a couple of sessions she really relaxed and was much more settled in herself. 

I have recommended Janet to other dog owners and would again."



Janet North

Margaret Jennings, of Priddy, tells how her horses Carney and Lyn have benefited from healing

“Lyn’s ailments are few, considering her age of 37 years, but an arthritic hip is probably the one of which I am most aware. Her feet are checked every day, which gives her some discomfort when lifting her near right leg. After receiving healing from Janet last year she seemed more relaxed when having her feet picked out. Several months later, some students on Janet’s Animal Healing Course gave Lyn healing - after being gently talked to and stroked, one student proceeded to work along the side of the painful hip when Lyn surprised us all by stretching her leg out as far as it would go, showing no discomfort. She then fell asleep. I was astounded that she could stretch so fully when this had often been very painful just lifting it. Lyn continues to be confident about this leg, showing no discomfort.

“Carney is generally placid and interested in his surroundings. Although large and beefy, a Shire/Exmoor cross, he is a real baby - a perpetual foal. When he received healing he relaxed so much he fell asleep.

Both horses have benefited enormously, physically, psychologically and as a relaxing experience. I thoroughly recommend it. Some of my cats, one dog and a chicken have also received healing from Janet. The most obvious benefit I was aware of was one of peace and relaxation.”

Val Bridge’s tells the story of Tess:

I first took my dog "Tess", to Janet last September. The month before the vet had informed us that her second mammary tumour (the first being 2 years before) had spread into her lymph nodes. The prognosis was not good, as she could probably already have or would soon have, tumours in her lungs. I thought, "I have to help her through this ordeal". However, we discovered earlier this year that Tess did have six tumours on her lung, a tumour in her stomach and a shadowing on her spleen.

I contacted Janet (last September) and she said she could help Tess - working alongside the vet - by building her immune system, relaxing the body, with loving, healing energy. Well, this has certainly worked with Tess, despite recently developing skin cancer, she remains a happy, loving dog, who still enjoys her food, goes for comparatively long walks twice a day and her tail is constantly wagging. Her bright eyes are still full of love and eagerness.

One day after Tess had finished a healing session, Janet said she would send a Winged Prayer (healing by thought) the following night at 9.00 p.m. That night I happened to fall asleep in the chair and was suddenly woken up by Tess pushing at my hand. I looked at the clock and it was 9.00 p.m.!

Healing is a holistic therapy that works on the whole animal helping to boost the immune system, relieve pain and bring harmony and well being. It is a relaxing therapy to receive and complementary to veterinary treatment. Animals with physical, behavioral and psychological conditions have benefited from healing.  For further information Telephone Janet North on 01761 241650    

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