Creativity takes many forms

 and we are all creative.


We may recognize others as creative - artists, writers, cooks,  photographers, teachers, craftsmen and women. Yet, in our everyday lives all of us are called upon to be creative, for example in our home or workplace.

In everything that we do we have the opportunity to create anew, to explore different ways of doing and being, to keep alive the joy and spontaneity.

Often it is easy to keep giving out until the well of creativity appears to run dry. So how can it be replenished?

The answer lies in balance. When we give out we also need to give to ourselves, finding time to stop, to relax and to recharge.

Yoga, meditation,healing and creativity are ways of giving to yourself and reconnecting to your own inner wisdom and sense of joy.

In these times of replenishment you can become aware of how you are in mind,body and spirit.

Learning how to master your mind and emotions, and to look after your energy are all within reach.

Creative Courses, Holistic Energy Care and Meditation  training can be arranged for groups, as well as individuals - please enquire.

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