Healing helps to soothe, calm and promote better health and well being

Animals can be brought for healing for many reasons -  behavioural and psychological problems, recovery from operations, nervousness, car sickness, aggression, separation anxiety, trauma, diabetes, obesity, illness, eczema, leukaemia, arthritis, and many other conditions. 

Those involved in accidents with broken or displaced limbs can often recovery much more quickly from the physical and emotional trauma when receiving healing after veterinary care.

Animals living as part of households can feel the inpact of family breakdowns, separation, bereavement.  Being sensitive to energy and those around them, animals can easily pick up on stress, anxiety and fear, for in their natural environment they are sensing energy as part of their survival strategy.  It makes sense that if we are worried our animals may be too.

Healing is a therapy that treats both the cause and symptoms of a condition and working alongside veterinary care it gives animals the best of both traditional and complementary healthcare.

Towards the end of an animal's life healing can help to soothe and relax them - preparing them for their journey ahead. 

People play a very important part in the welfare of their animals and each healing appointment, lasting up to 30 minutes, includes a consultation.

Animals can be given healing in many ways, depending on the circumstances. For example some animals are not happy being held, or may be fearful of other people. In these situations non-contact healing can be given allowing the animal their own space.

It has been my privilege to help all manner of creatures, mice, birds, dogs, cats, horses, goats,chickens, lambs, cattle and even butterflies. No animal is too large or too small to benefit from the effects of natural spiritual healing.

Healing is generally given in Chewton Mendip, Nr Wells.   However, there are occasions when animals may be too large, or too unwell to travel and in these circumstances it may be possible for home visits to be arranged. Healing can also be sent by Winged Prayer for those unable to visit. Please ask for details.












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