Healing into wholeness naturally.....

Natural Healing is a gentle yet profound way of bringing healing to the whole of our being - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.
It is an holistic therapy for all times of our life from birth through to old age, and is a complementary therapy working alongside medical care.

Healing can help to strengthen the immune system, reduce stress, relieve pain, and promote better health and well being.

As illness is the body's way of telling us something is out of balance, healing can help to find the cause and to strengthen the body's own healing capacity.
When we are feeling well within, we can also begin to feel stronger in mind, body and spirit, a good way to be when dealing with the ups and downs of everyday life.

Stress, Back problems, MS, ME, Asthma, Diabetes, PMT, Menopause, Bereavement and Depression are just some of the reasons that people have come for healing.

 Healing following accidents or shock can help with the emotional as well as any physical trauma.

 Before surgery healing can help to relax and prepare both the mind and the body, and afterwards to help recovery.

Changes in life-style and relationships, or feeling out of balance generally, can have an impact on how we feel mentally, physically and emotionally. Holistically bringing ourselves back into balance can have a positive and uplifting effect on our whole being.

Healing is a positive addition to regular health care. 

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