Sound can be used as a way of releasing tension and developing our natural voice

Sound therapy has the ability to enhance our vocal expression so that we can feel more confident when speaking or singing.

Tension that is so often felt in the body can also be held in our voices and can be easily released by simple exercises, helping us to feel more at ease in communication.

Singing our Sound is not about trying to sing in a particular way, or finding a note, it is about feeling confident to express who we are and what we have to say.

Many people have been told they cannot sing, or feel their voices have not been heard, and this can inhibit the way in which expression is made.  Releasing tension through the power of the voice can be uplifting and liberating and allow an unfolding of creativity.

Sound therapy is taught alongside gentle exercises that allow time for the body to be warmed, stretched and relaxed, so that the voice and the breath, as part of the whole, can re-find itself. 

Classes can be arranged for small groups or as individual training. 









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