Feedback from listeners new to storytelling

"As you told the stories I realised I still had a picture memory.  My words are failing but I could see images and that helped me remember" (Quote from a gentleman at a Day Centre)
"Thank you so much for a lovely evening of stories.  It was a true delight".  (WI member)
"I remember you telling stories.  The room was full of children yet it was so quiet".  (Grandmother remembering her visit to a local library)
"You're a real storyteller.  The children were allowed to make a noise and you allowed them to engage with you.  The stories you told helped them to learn about helping others, but they still need stories about flying dragons." (Quote from a mother visiting the Bishop's Palace Children's area where storytelling was taking place.)
"It is extremely significant that a particular resident attended storytelling because she had not engaged in other activities.  I think the small resident's group sessions have been extremely successful".  (Quote from an Activities Organiser in a care home)
"I hang on every word.  I am there with you and love storytelling". (Quote from a resident in a care home who has regular one to one storytelling time)

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