Stories told in the traditional way, by speaking rather than reading from a book, can help to stimulate the imagination and bring people together in community. Stories are for all ages and as Philip Pullman, the author says "After nourishment, shelter and companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world". 

As a storyteller I work with 'elders' in care homes, bringing stories to those who might otherwise be on their own.  It is a time of one to one, or group sharing, and can allow people to travel in their imagination to faraway places, or to simply remember other times in their lives. 

Working with DNA arts as part of community building initiatives I have been the storyteller in their Snow Storm Stories projects in Radstock and Bath bringing stories to children and families of all ages.  For further information look at the DNA arts facebook page. Regular storytelling events include telling with Mendip Storytelling circle, Cam Valley Arts, and stories for children and Women's groups. 

My interest in storytelling began several years ago and has led to professional training at the International School of Storytelling on their full time 'Heart and Craft of Storytelling Course' graduating in 2014.

In this modern life with televisions, computers and mobile phones, some say it is difficult to communicate and have family time.  Stories can help with communication and listening and draw people together.

For all of us developing our imaginations allows our creativity to expand.  It is just a story away.  As Einstein said: " If you want children to be intelligent read them fairytales.  If you want them to become more intelligent read them more fairytales".

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