Chair Yoga

"Chair yoga is as good as the general yoga class but without the worry of getting on and off the floor."

"It seems like such small movements but you can feel the benefit the next day!"

"Such gentle movements and very beneficial.  My muscles feel so warm afterwards and so relaxing.  I really enjoy it!"

"Janet, your gentle yoga has taught me how to move slower and in harmony with my own breath.  At the end of each class I feel calmer, yet more alive, by knowing I can master simple techniques to help guide me through all manner of daily challenges.  Thank you."

Transformation Hatha Yoga (Stage 1 & 2)

"As I experience your type of yoga, it is calming, wonderfully relaxing, and a complete distraction from daily life"

"Yoga allows me to relax in ways I could only previously dream of.  If only I had found Yoga and Janet earlier."

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