Transformation Yoga



Transformation Yoga encourages slowing down and opening to an awareness of what we do and how we are in each moment. Learning to be and learning to do, both can harmoniously be part of our lives without tension, by learning how to find the balance so there is time for work, rest and play.

Yoga in all its forms is a wonderful gift for enriching our lives and our relationship with others, for as we come to know ourselves so we can become more present to others. Our physical bodies can teach us so much for when the mind or body are under stress, the immune system can become depressed and illness result. When we learn to become aware of how the mind and body are feeling we can transform them. We can learn how to release tension, to relax, to regain poise and confidence. Our mind too is a powerful tool and through self-mastery we can use it to enhance our lives.

Hatha Yoga helps to improve posture, suppleness, co-ordination, focus, concentration, rest and relaxation. Moving the body helps to improve circulation and vitality, resting the body is a gift to yourself.

Transformation Hatha Yoga is a gentle form of physical exercise that unites the movement of the body with the breath. As awareness is focused on harmonizing the breath and body movement, so a stillness and calmness can be experienced in the mind and the body. There are two stages of Hatha Yoga, Stage 1 is suitable for all, and Stage 2 is for those who wish to further their practice. 

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