'Living a full, happy and joyful life is our birth right'.
Reconnecting to a sense of oneness can be a wonderful journey of awakening, self discovery and empowerment.

Creativity, meditation, yoga, and holistic therapies can help promote better health,wellbeing and vitality.

Mindfulness meditation can help relieve stress and bring peace of mind; energy care can bring awareness of how we use energy in our everyday lives; whilst healing and yoga can help restore balance and vitality.

Creativity and storytelling inspire imagination, helping to still the mind, and to find the listening that allows new ideas to form - a gift in the busyness of everyday living.

As a graduate of the International School of Storytelling I work with storytelling in communties and am a regular storyteller at the Mendip Storytelling Circle.  Stories old and new can entertain, teach, and reach out to build bridges and creativity. 

As an holistic practitioner, I am qualified with diplomas in Natural Spiritual Healing, Transformation Hatha Yoga & Relaxation, and an accredited SRMHC teacher of Holistic Energy Care. I am a member of UK Healers, SRMHC Associates, and the Independent Yoga Network. 

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